The Voice Of Regional Business

The Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. is committed to supporting small and medium business in the Gladstone Region to reach their potential, building business and economic prosperity for the Region.

With the support of partners, Australia Pacific LNG and The Observer, the Chamber will continue to be a strong voice for business in the Gladstone Region.

Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a fundamental part of the support structures strengthening small and medium businesses in the Gladstone Region. Together small and medium businesses can have a voice to influence all levels of government, major Industrial players and key agencies.

Small and medium businesses have a vital role in achieving economic sustainability for this region as they are the breeding ground for job creation, skill development and innovation.

The Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry is about creating an environment for supporting businesses to reach their potential.

The Chamber’s values include: collecting thinking; working for and with SME’s; investing in this region; valuing and recognizing the contribution of SME’s; and building this region’s economic stability.

If your business is looking for fresh energy and innovation, become a member of the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce & Industry today.

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