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Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry are committed to supporting small and medium size businesses in the Gladstone Region. GCCI strive for economic prosperity throughout the region by building successful businesses.

GCCI are supported by partners such as, Australia Pacific LNG and The Gladstone Observer. Gladstone Chamber Of Commerce will continue to be the voice for regional businesses. 

The Gladstone Chamber of Commerce Board comprises of a diverse group of dedicated members. These voluntary members are business professionals who share a passion for and commitment to the Gladstone Regional Community.

Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry forms a fundamental part of regions support structures. GCCI members rely on GCCI as an influential voice across all levels of government, major industry and key agencies.

GCCI believe that small and medium businesses play a critical role in the economic sustainability within the Gladstone Region. GCCI  push local businesses as the breeding ground for job creation, skill development, innovation and prosperity.

The Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry boasts an environment supportive to businesses looking to reach their full potential.

GCCI’s values include: collective thinking; working for and with SME’s; investing in this region; valuing and recognizing the contribution of SME’s and building this region’s economic stability.

For business owners looking to energise prospects, innovate exposure and retain the perfect team, GCCI are the perfect fit. You could become a member of the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry today.

Ashlee Jade Phillips | Chambers Face

We Support Businesses
To Reach Their Potential

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