The Gladstone Chamber of Commerce & Industry have partnered with Yaralla Sports Club to offer our members access to the Yaralla Y Rewards program and a discounted Yaralla Lifestyle Membership!

We are inviting you to become part of the Y Rewards program through GCCI!

What is Y Rewards?
Y Rewards is Yaralla Sports Club’s member rewards program that is available to all Gladstone Chamber of Commerce & Industry members. It is a tiered membership program with three levels – Gold, Emerald and Ruby.

Members earn loyalty points on every transaction within Yaralla Sports Club, Yaralla Fitness Centre, Gladstone Golf Club and Mercure Gladstone, as well as at participating retail outlets such as yourself.

Members can redeem their Y Rewards loyalty points on meals, drinks and competition draws at Yaralla Sports Club, classes and training sessions at Yaralla Fitness Centre and drinks at the Gladstone Golf Club.

How can Y Rewards benefit you?
It’s all about building a greater relationship with other like minded, local Gladstone Region businesses. Giving us a platform to support each other in a growing world of online retailers and creating a stronger community.

As a Y Rewards partner Yaralla Sports Club will market you as the preferred provider for your particular service to their 70,000+ members, you will be entitled to promote special offers to their members through the following mediums:
• Printed member newsletter distributed to members at the start of each month at Yaralla Sports Club, Yaralla Fitness Centre and Gladstone Golf Club
• Electronic member newsletter emailed to over 12,000 members
• The Yaralla Facebook page giving you access to over 8,000 followers
• Website advertising on our Y Rewards page
• Advertising on our inhouse electronic signage
• Periodic announcements on our inhouse broadcast music system

How much will it cost me?
NOTHING! Being a Y Rewards partner is absolutely free for members of the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce.

The only time you will have to pay anything is if you require the Yaralla Sports Club graphic designer to create advertisements for your business.

What are you waiting for?
Click here to fill out the application form and let GCCI know that you’d like to become a Y Rewards retailer today!

For more Y-Reward information download the following documents:
Yaralla Y Reward Information
Yaralla Y Reward FAQs
Yaralla Y Reward Advertising Information

Take advantage of the discounted Yaralla Lifestyle Membership for you and your employees!

What is the Lifestyle Package?
Available to GCCI member employees and employers 16 years and over, the Lifestyle Package is an all inclusive membership to many great businesses in the Gladstone Region.

It include’s unlimited golf at ALL golf courses, tennis, squash, aquatic and movies. You will also get unlimited access to Yaralla Fitness South Gladstone, Yaralla Fitness Clinton, Powerhouse Fitness and CC Fitness Addicts.

For more Lifestyle Package inclusion information, click here.

What are you waiting for?
Click here to fill out the individual application form and contact us today about the application process and pricing!


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